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Mani Gaea is a luxury brand inspired by nature. It cultivates olives in a unique picturesque area, a place with ideal soil & microclimate conditions. Located in Lakonia, South Peloponnesus, overlooks the Mediterannean sea in Greece.

They use two Unique awarded olive oil varieties “Koroneiki” & “Athinolia”. Carefully handpicked at the end of October. In order to keep all the aromatic & quality characteristics in high levels they artificially limit watering. This eventually contributes to the exceptionally organic fresh Olive juice with ultra low acidity, golden green colour, aroma of olive leaves, herbs, and wild grass. It bears a balanced fruity flavour and moderately bitter aftertaste.

The limited production is enclosed in numbered white glass bottles designed from the artist Mrs Daphne Alexiadou

We were asked to capture the essence of this exquisite olive oil packaging, along with the brand’s unique characteristics and qualities.
As product photography for us is mainly about the light, we improvised a particular set up. We highlighted the qualities of the packaging with extreme close-ups. For the more general views, we used focused light on selected areas of interest. The result was atmospheric, painterly images that convey the values of this olive oil.

“A bottle with a picture that keeps all the history of our family, our trees alive, trees that are not only memories of the past but also tools of inspiration for the future.”


Mani Gaea

Οlive Οil photography

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