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One of the strongest aspects in Hotel Marketing is based on the power of photography. It is imperative that the images are targeted on arising the interest of as many visitors as possible in the minimum time. This is the main reason why, a significant part of the investment of  the business infrastructure , should be an official photo shooting. This very important point is very often missed from the original budgeting.
Aiming at the identity of each project we undertake, we focus on the essence of every detail that will strengthen the presence of your brand, targeted on the experience your client will identify and eventually buy.
We believe that every potential client needs to feel related to the story behind your imagery. A story that cannot be told without shapes, forms and light.
For us, light defines the existence of all. As photographers we invent, create and manipulate light. We layer it and paint. We add or substract. We control its quality. 

We are there, where the difference between the modest and luxurious, blunt or elegant become imperative. We allow our selves to feel, interpret each object, and make it fit in the appropriate enviroment, – and vice versa. Whether flooded in light or mystically laid in the shadow each object or space deserves its own premium personality.
We are not there merely to document. We are there to discover, to reveal and narrate in the best way possible all that your brand needs to convey.

We make use and transcend between any available media, still images, moving images and cinematic clips to bring out the best out of your products and services.
We use every tool and its unique strengths to tell a story that will reveal new aspects and qualities.
We believe that quality and aesthetics are the ultimate means to  transform the way you identity is perceived online. This makes  images your most  powerful investment.
We have the facilities, the knowhow, the experience, the means and the passion.
We promise to deliver to you the most  valuable tool  one that will value your investment.

Storytelling video clip by Vice Versa

Hotel Video

Sempre Viva

Hotel Photography Monemvasia

Monemvasia , the medieval castle town on the southeastern coast of the Peloponnese, will overwhelm you by a magic rawness, the wilderness, the history and the profound romaticism.
Strolling delightfully along the cobbled paths, amid mansions and Byzantine churches, falling into the Myrtoan Sea. You can strongly feel the history of this place, written on the walls around you. The sight of waves crashing onto the rugged walls is captivating. The sense of isolation you will feel on this legendary rock adds so much to the wonder. Here you lose all sense of time.

Given this sense of mystery, we find no better match for the hospitality of Sempre Viva featuring a beautiful Hotel, an ideal getaway all year round.

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Architectural & Interior Design: a+ architects – Ioannis Zacharakis
Photography & Hotel Cinematography: Vice Versa

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