Remarkable chalets in a breathtaking enviroment – the description becomes unjust to the reality of this destination .Mount Parnassus is a place of rare natural beauty

Mount Parnassus is a unique location where man and nature have a bond of myths and legends that have dwelled in time. The surroundings are so enchantingly magnificent, that you are aware of why this was a gods choice.

The Mount Parnassus Project is a number of luxurious chalets created with grace and respect to the enviroment. Located in the middle of the forest  it has been constructed with care to the last detail.

We of course had to capture and record every single detail, as constructed. Textures,volumes, structures, forms and shapes. But also the very essence of a touch or a smell in its absolute experience. This is what these chalets are all about. 

Constructed for demanding clients.

Contec // Mount Parnassus

A Luxury Chalet project in Mount Parnassus

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