As a professional you can clearly underdstand the importance of good photography for your hotel.

Interior photography is not simply about giving the information.It is about giving the actual essence and the experience to the viewer, your potential client. Our main aim is to reflect the brand that the hotel wants to portray, without being too obvious about it, using subtle hints. Not forcing the settings.Less is always more.


Boutique Hotel Rhodes Greece

Hotels have to look comfortable, shifting guests:s mood through architecture and design. We aim to encourage relaxation and create a social vibe. A succesful hotel makes a guest feel like he/she is part of the location, the style or a social scene. Our photographs capture exactly this, a composition that reflects the brand.

One of the most crucial aspects of our hotel photography is our specialized styling, where we translate the design personality of a hotel. We use just the right details and appropriate furniture setting, to warm up sterile spaces, making them inviting. It is an art to compose finely-crafted images of the highest level.

Our lighting is one of our major advantages, and a very important factor when it comes to hotels. Especially in rooms. It takes the right light to make a room look like ii is not artificially lit. It requires technical skills to properly light a space.

When you want to be considered a premium professional you cannot  present your hotel with objects in the corners of a frame that is suffering from distortion, bad lighting, or an unprofessional approach.

In brief, we photograph to reflect the value of your business, so you can in turn provide the same high value to your customers.

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