Santa Thekla is a unique residence in Kefalonia, located just on top of the cliff of Petanoi Beach

This luxurious estate can be a  home  that offers a dreamy accommodation overlooking the Ionian sea , with magnificent sunsets and a breathtaking sea view.

We approached this project focusing on the luxurious quality and the minimal stylistic consistency, making sure we did not miss out on the impeccable facilities available on this residence. Overcoming the weather conditions  in the change of light and color, we drew our light where needed, to create the appropriate atmosphere, a genuine experience for the visitor. Branding Santa Thekla through our images made us draw a tribute to simplicity in luxury. A unique reality, a place that will forge its presence in your memories.

Facing challenges or customers demands are for us only opportunities and possibilities for reinvention.

Santa Thekla

Hotel Photographer Kefalonia

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