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A privately owned 16-meter wooden yacht, which is available for daily or weekly cruises on the inaccessible beaches of Astypalea island, is a project that we instantly connected to. We spent a couple of days on board the Avra, cruising out in the blue, exploring, experiencing and documenting. One of our niche specialities is boat photography. A speciality we innocently and unintentionally stumbled into many years ago through our genuine passion for the Sea.

Our company will provide you with extensive experience in the field of Boat Photography and Cinematography. Below you can find a few of our favourite boat photos. In our section Travels, you can also discover more wonderful destinations and share our experience.

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Visiting Astypalea

Travelling is part of our job description. And one of the main reasons we love photography so much. We have to admit that even vacations involve planning, framing and imagining how we could offer you an unforgettable experience on each Island, but make no mistakes we love every moment of this pre-visualization. So, every year we put pins on our map. Some of them we accomplish, some of them we leave for another time. We love to stroll around the islands, discover and feel its vibe, see and get to know the kind of people that would choose it for their vacation or their wedding and randomly, or not, discover our favourite locations and our favourite times of the day.

This summer Astypalea had its pin and was our target. Astypalea, the butterfly-shaped Island, located exactly where the Dodecanese meets the Cyclades, with the bluer-than-blue seas, the crystalline waters and the beautiful beaches, is for any visitor a unique discovery.
Love at first sight. As you disembark, you immediately feel the calm of the Island. Νothing like the usual port, Agios Andreas is the first hint of what you are about to discover.
The endless snake-shaped country road led us through rocky brown hills under the bluest sky to an even bluest seashore. The air smelled of thyme, and the golden sun was caressing our faces. Not a hint of wind this day; the Sea was glowing silver wherever you set your eyes. This was so close to paradise. Or was it?
We have visited quite a number of islands, many of which are already listed in our favourites. And this is to be one of them.

Here everything runs at your own pace to compliment your senses and welcome your stay. And all is well. With the world. On an impulse, I found myself exclaiming, “I’m happy”, Just like you feel when you’re in love. And here, you will always find something special to love.

Planning our next project

The Island charmed us with its beauty and embraced us in its tranquillity and harmony. There is something contagious about this peace. The main village, Chora, unfolds itself from the top of the hill, through the dominating Venetian castle, the whitewashed houses down to our feet. The Castle of Querini an amazing sight to see, royally standing on the top of the hill build in dark stone, a strange contrast to the white-walled cluster of houses around it. Uniform white houses, with blue shutters and wooden balconies in total balance. Tiny churches clustered together is a sight we have never seen before anywhere in the Aegean.
The portrait of Chora with its white body and ocean blue heart, down to the age-old windmills on the ridges, leaves us speechless.

The endless uncultivated land and hills bathed by the serene Sea creating tranquil bays… we could go on forever.

Would we go back? Definitely, but let’s not hurry. We have a few pins that need our attention before going back to Magical Astypalea!

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